KObido Up Training Courses

Kobido Up is a manual face therapy method whose purpose is to relax facial muscles by applying complex massage techniques to bring a face to the serene stage of full relaxation, with the improvement of the facial oval, reduction of wrinkles and laugh lines and general improvement of skin condition by enhancing blood and lymph circulation. Kobido Up also targets bruxism and can be effective in chronic headache conditions.

Kobido Up is based on an ancient method of facial massage which has been tailored and refined by Witold Pyrkosz, the founder of the Mister Kobido Academy, into a unique massage technique incorporating modern knowledge of human anatomy.


On the Kobido Up 1st level course, you will gain:
● Knowledge of the basic techniques of Kobido Up massage practice supported by appropriate theory; 2 full days of practice in pairs under close tutor supervision (small working groups)
● Comprehensive knowledge of various skin types and expertise in how to adjust massage techniques accordingly, ensuring optimal results
● Knowledge of different types of contraindications and precautions for performing Kobido Up massage

Each student will receive:
– an illustrated script with detailed descriptions of each part of the massage,
– exclusive access to instructional videos hosted on the Academy’s website,
– professional starting pack of products to use during the massage session,
– following the completion of the course, ongoing support via an online Messenger or WhatsApp group,
– opportunity to participate in the Academy’s online open days for continued learning and development.

After the Kobido Up course, you will be equipped to:
● STAND OUT on the market offering contemporary, advanced and effective methods of skincare
● GAIN client’s trust with a course certificate to prove your skills
● ACQUIRE professional satisfaction as you will contribute to the client’s wellbeing
● EXTEND your skills and job opportunities to develop your business, improve your employee status and improve your lifestyle

Why continue your education with the Mister Kobido Academy Masterclass Kobido UP course?

What you can expect:
● LEARN to perform the buccal massage method developed by Witold Pyrkosz, Mister Kobido Academy founder, „Inter-buccal massage” which is unique and different from the other buccal method approaches on the market
● GAIN new and effective tools to work on face, neck and chest tissues
● ENHANCE your skills which are essential in the constantly changing and developing beauty market
● INCREASE THE STANDARD of your service and enrich your offer to attract more clients
● ACKNOWLEDGE how to precisely use therapeutic methods even for the most demanding cases
● UNDERSTAND how to effectively unblock the stress of daily life accumulated in the muscles and fascia
● ABSORB the skills needed to smooth neck creases, lift sagging cheeks, and relax square cheeks caused by bruxism
● GAIN knowledge of how to work effectively on mature skin with deep wrinkles and nasolabial folds
● BE ABLE to help ease the impact of trismus, bruxism, migraine and barometric pressure headache
● ACCESS precise instructions on how and when to apply a deep myofascial massage



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