KObido Up Training Courses in WARSAW

Kobido Up is a manual face therapy method whose purpose is to relax facial muscles by applying complex massage techniques to bring a face to the serene stage of full relaxation, with the improvement of the facial oval, reduction of wrinkles and laugh lines and general improvement of skin condition by enhancing blood and lymph circulation. Kobido Up also targets bruxism and can be effective in chronic headache conditions.

Kobido Up is based on an ancient method of facial massage which has been tailored and refined by Witold Pyrkosz, the founder of the Mister Kobido Academy, into a unique massage technique incorporating modern knowledge of human anatomy.


On the Kobido Up 1st level course, you will gain:
● Knowledge of the basic techniques of Kobido Up massage practice supported by appropriate theory; 2 full days of practice in pairs under close tutor supervision (small working groups)
● Comprehensive knowledge of various skin types and expertise in how to adjust massage techniques accordingly, ensuring optimal results
● Knowledge of different types of contraindications and precautions for performing Kobido Up massage

Each student will receive:
– an illustrated script with detailed descriptions of each part of the massage,
– exclusive access to instructional videos hosted on the Academy’s website,
– professional starting pack of products to use during the massage session,
– following the completion of the course, ongoing support via an online Messenger or WhatsApp group,

After the Kobido Up course, you will be equipped to:
● STAND OUT on the market offering contemporary, advanced and effective methods of skincare
● GAIN client’s trust with a course certificate to prove your skills
● ACQUIRE professional satisfaction as you will contribute to the client’s wellbeing
● EXTEND your skills and job opportunities to develop your business, improve your employee status and improve your lifestyle

Join us for training course in Warsaw.
Small group of maximum 6 participants

Training led by the experienced instructor, Witold Pyrkosz
Certificate in both English and Polish language upon completion of the training

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in a supportive learning environment.


This past weekend, I had an amazing experience attending the Kobido UP course. I am extremely glad that I invested my money in this course. The way they teach the course material, both theoretical and practical, is outstanding. The majority of the course time is dedicated to hands-on practice where participants take turns massaging each other, while the instructor, Witold, teaches the theoretical aspects in a captivating way. On top of that, Witold gives valuable advice on how to manage social media, attract customers, select the right treatment preparations, and much more. Once the course is completed, a Messenger and Facebook group is set up where Witold is available to answer any questions and provide support. The atmosphere during the course is incredible and feels like a family. Witold is a compassionate and patient teacher who ensures that everyone masters the massage movements. Overall, the two-day coaching session was fantastic and had a warm and welcoming atmosphere that made me feel like part of a family. 🥰😁
Ewa Deryńska
The course with Mr Kobido is much more than a remarkable experience and gaining valuable practical and theoretical knowledge. Witold's exceptional teaching style and the new skills you'll acquire make it an investment truly worth its value. Great training, very professional, suitable for both beginners and experienced individuals in the beauty industry. Mr Kobido was patient and always willing to answer any questions from everyone. He has a genuine desire to share his knowledge and skills with others. I appreciate the fact that he treats everyone equally and with great accuracy and patience. I fell in love with the Kobido massage without having any skills yet and now I know that it will be my way to spread my wings and to help others achieve natural beauty. The holistic approach to the patient is one of the most beautiful aspects of the whole ritual, and it inspired me to learn more about Kobido. Witold - thank you with all my heart 😊
Paulina Wronka
Reflecting on my two-day Kobido Up training with Mr. Kobido in Warsaw, I am very pleased with the overall experience and, more importantly, the exceptional attention to detail provided for us as participants and our future clients. The training was conducted in a great atmosphere and included a well-written script and necessary tools, giving us no excuse not to start working the very next day. Along with the massage techniques, I also received valuable marketing knowledge and a sense of security knowing that I can always get help from the lecturers, especially MASTER Witold, or other participants. The supportive environment allows us to exchange experiences and enhance our skills in the incredible Kobido Up massage technique. I'm truly grateful for this wonderful experience and will wholeheartedly recommend Kobido to others. 🤩
Anna Pilawzka


Total cost - 4500zł
Deposit - 500zł

To confirm your enrollment, a deposit is required, and the remaining balance must be settled on the day of the course.

Please note that the deposit is non-refundable, but you have the option to reschedule the training date up to two times if needed.




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